During my time at The Building Center, Inc. I have served as the Talent Acquisition Specialist and played a key role in establishing the company's Marketing & Corporate Communications department.
In this capacity, I actively collaborated with various organizations and schools to develop and implement innovative recruitment programs tailored to students. These initiatives not only expanded our talent pool but also fostered valuable relationships within the community and educational institutions.
By bridging the gap between academia and industry, I have significantly contributed to nurturing talent pipelines and fostering a culture of learning and growth within the organization. My commitment to building meaningful partnerships underscores my dedication to driving organizational success through strategic talent acquisition and community engagement.
In addition to my primary responsibilities, I have been instrumental in crafting and executing internal marketing and communication strategies. Ensuring alignment with the company's brand identity for consistent messaging and brand cohesion has been a top priority. Through the implementation of metrics, I have effectively measured recruitment and communication success, enhancing process efficiency and effectiveness.
Previously, I took the lead on managing the internal communications calendar, proactively resolving issues and refining business strategies to optimize organizational outcomes. My contributions in these areas have played a pivotal role developing the company's marketing and communications department and fostering a collaborative and engaged workforce.

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