I founded Alchemedia, Inc. as a freelance endeavor where I collaborated closely with clients and businesses within my local community to conceptualize and execute tailored digital marketing strategies that resonated with their long-term business goals.
In this capacity, I led consultations to gain insights into clients' needs and objectives, subsequently crafting and implementing comprehensive digital marketing plans. A significant aspect of my role involved spearheading front-end website development projects, prioritizing brand identity and design to ensure a cohesive online presence for clients.
I provided strategic guidance to clients on leveraging SEO-driven marketing techniques and optimizing sales funnels to bolster their online brand visibility and engagement. Through thorough analysis of existing marketing and communication strategies, I offered actionable recommendations aimed at enhancing effectiveness and driving results.
My work through Alchemedia, Inc. was marked by a commitment to delivering innovative digital marketing solutions tailored to each client's unique needs, grounded in strategic planning, and executed with precision to achieve tangible business outcomes.

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